Texas Home Visiting is a free program that helps good people be great parents. The program matches parents with a trained home visitor who comes to wherever you live. Your home visitor is a friendly, experienced person who can answer questions about your pregnancy or being a parent and can help you find services that help you care for yourself and your children.

Texas Home Visiting uses programs that are proven to support families from pregnancy until the time your child enters kindergarten. Home visiting supports you and helps you set and reach goals for yourself and your child.


Texas Home Visiting uses four programs that have been proven to help children and families. Please contact the Texas Home Visiting program in your community, and someone can help you find the best program for you and your family.


The programs are:


Early Head Start

The Early Head Start Home Visitation program serves children 0-3 years of age, children with disabilities, teen parents, pregnant women and those who live in Corpus Christi and rural communities in Nueces County.


The Home Visitation program operates year-round, visits are conducted weekly for an hour and a half. During the visits, the child must be present with the legal guardian.


As part of the program, the guardian and the child must attend two socializations a month. These socializations emphasize peer group interaction through age appropriate activities. Children are supervised by the home visitor with parents observing at times. Parents discuss issues important to them and their child with the Home Visitor supervisor. Parents and child also have time to participate in activities together.


The purpose of the home visits is to help parents improve their parenting skills. Home visits assist parents in the use of the home as their child’s primary learning environment and parents are provided with learning opportunities that enhance their child’s growth and development.


Nurse-Family Partnership
Nurse-Family Partnership is a program that helps first-time mothers succeed. When you enroll, a specially trained nurse will visit you during your pregnancy and until your baby turns 2 years old. As a first-time mom, you most likely have a ton of questions. That’s why Nurse-Family Partnership starts working with you before you have your child. From helping you have a healthy pregnancy, to teaching you about child development, to encouraging you to follow your heart’s desire, your nurse home visitor will always be there for you so that you can be there for your baby.


Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers is for any family expecting a child or with children up to kindergarten age (age 5 or 6). Parents as Teachers teaches parents about child development and gives parenting support. The Parents as Teachers helps to ensure that young children are healthy, safe, and ready to learn. The program includes one-on-one home visits, monthly group meetings, developmental testing, and a resource network for families.


Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters
Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters, or HIPPY, is for families with children ages 3, 4, or 5. HIPPY helps prepare children for school and beyond and believes that all parents want what’s best for their children. Each week a home instructor will work with you on that week’s activities. Activities are focused on reading, counting, learning colors, and other ways to get your child ready for kindergarten. HIPPY helps parents be their children’s first teacher by giving them the tools, skills, and confidence they need to work with their children in the home.


For more information and for helpful parent tips, visit http://www.texashomevisiting.org/.