FASTRACK Online Application 

NCCAA Community Action Agency

You can now apply online for assistance from anywhere. The online application includes utility, rental, weatherization, minor home repairs, and tuition assistance. FASTRACK is NCCAA’S newest tool for applying electronically. Clients can now easily submit an application and supporting documents on a computer or smart device from any location.


Just follow these five easy steps:

  1. Click on the link below

  2. Follow the instructions to complete required information

  3. Scan and include all signed forms*

  4. Scan and include all required documents**

  5. Electronically sign by typing you name and placing a check mark in the box certifying you have completed the application

All forms and required documents to be uploaded with your application are as follows:


  1. Declaration of Income Statement is required (signed and dated) if the applicant or any adult member of the household (18 years +) reports "no income" or has difficulty producing documents.

  2. Systematic Alien Verification of Entitlements (SAVE)  is required (signed and dated) to verify citizen/alien status.

  3. Online Application Certification is required (signed and dated) the applicant attests that all information in the application, forms and submittals are accurate.

**Supporting Documentation

1. Picture ID—Government Issued for every adult (18 years or older) living in the household.

2. Social Security Cards – SSN Card for Head of Household, all other           household members just include SSN

3. School or immunization records or current picture ID for children 17 years or younger.

4. Proof of citizenship or legal status for all household members:

  • US Birth Certificate

  • US Passport

  • Certification of Naturalization

  • Green Card - Front and Back

5. Proof of Income (all sources of income) received 30 days before the date application signed:

  • Check Stubs – 5 stubs if paid weekly; 3 if paid bi-weekly; 2 if paid twice a month; 1 if paid monthly

  • Current Year Annual Award Letters – Social Security

  • Current Year Annual Pension Award Letter

  • Unemployment Statements

  • SNAP (Food Stamps)/TANF Award Letter

  • Cash Payments

6. Current Utility Bill (Front and Back) -Must be from the list of approved  utility companies:

  • Ambient

  • CPL

  • City of Robstown

  • Direct Energy

  • First Choice

  • Frontier

  • Green Mountain

  • NEC Co-op

  • Nueces Electric Co-op

  • Reliant

  • Stream

  • TXU


Agreements for Volt Electricity; Provider LP; Pogo Energy; Trieagle; and Express Energy are pending with our Agency and are not approved as of 10/01/2020.

Useful Information

  1. Programs are income-based and funded by State and Federal monies. Funding is limited. Submitting this application does not guarantee assistance.

  2. To be considered for assistance, you must meet income and related requirements; incomplete, illegible, or missing forms or documents will result in delay or denial of assistance.

  3. Although most of the submission requirements will apply for applicants, some unique circumstances will require applicants to submit additional information or clarification statements.

  4. Within 5 working days of submission, staff will confirm receipt via email, phone or mail. At this point, staff will discuss any issues with your application or documentation.

  5. Processing of applications takes from 45 to 90 days. A Notice of Eligibility or Denial Letter will be sent to all applicants.

  6. All program years follow the calendar year; participants’ eligibility status expires on the 31st of December of each year, and clients must reapply if desired.

  7. If you have questions related to your FASTRACK application or our Programs, you can contact our office staff assistant:


Office Hours: Monday thru Thursday 8 AM to 5 PM

Friday 8 AM to 12 Noon

Closed 12 until 1 PM

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, our offices are closed to the General Public until further notice.