Narrative/Profile - The disabilities services content area focuses on serving children with disabilities. These services are provided through collaborative efforts with local education agencies which may include school districts, and in some cases, private providers.


Number of staff:

1 – Disabilities Services Coordinator, Emily Velasquez

1 – Disabilities Technician, Pat Gomez

4 – Special Needs Assistants: 


The purpose of the disabilities services content area is to serve a minimum of ten percent of the children enrolled in Head Start with disabilities. In order to meet this goal, the staff must recruit and enroll children throughout the community with qualifying disabilities. In collaboration with the local education agencies, Head Start is able to provide quality disabilities services to all children in an inclusive environment.


Assessment Tools

Every child enrolled in Head Start will receive a speech screening within 45 days from the date of entry. 

Any further assessment/evaluation of children with suspected disabilities will be provided by the local education agency in the child’s attendance zone.


Special Activities:

The disabilities services coordinator is a member of the N.C.C.A.A. Special Quest Team to assure that children with significant disabilities have an opportunity to benefit from Head Start services.


Advisory Committee:

The Disabilities/Mental Health Advisory consists of parents, representatives of the school districts, psychologists, licensed professional counselors, a parent advocate, and Head Start staff. The committee will meet at least twice a year to discuss policies and procedures, issues that require input from the community, program practices, and information that affects Head start families.


Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs):


·         Agua Dulce Independent School District 

·         Banquete Independent School District

·         Corpus Christi Independent School District

·         Flour Bluff Independent School District

·         Robstown Independent School District

·         West Oso Independent School District


Technology Usage:

The online database Copa is used to monitor and track relative information. 

For more information regarding preschool disabilities services, contact Emily Velasquez, Disabilities Services Coordinator at (361) 883-7201 ext. 14